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Our Senior Advisors

Most firms are made up of specialists from either finance or marketing and are understandably weak on the other side. Greystoke’s unique blend of experts from both disciplines provides the advantage of deep, personal experience understanding the buying habits and sales cycle of an LP, with a proven track record of reaching much larger numbers of potential clients than a finance professional would have experience reaching cost effectively.

Additionally, we are able to provide expertise expected from a large firm with the responsiveness, personal service and competitive flat fees possible only in a boutique firm.   

Why Greystoke?

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Understanding sales and marketing is not enough. Choosing a qualified advisor is one of the most important decisions in raising capital for a new hedge fund, private equity fund or real estate fund. Creating a successful program to attract a pipeline of new investors requires experience that only comes from having actually done it. Additional experience is also required because securities laws require careful navigation through a complex and rapidly evolving regulatory network.


International Scale

Once local or relational opportunities have been exhausted, expanding the audience that hears about your fund can be highly profitable. Our Senior Advisors have backgrounds raising millions across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia and are sought-after speakers for large events and conferences including Hong Kong, Abuja, New York, Japan, Perth, London and many others. Our advisors can help your team take advantage of the same strategies that have been so beneficial to us.

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